Four Seasons Guests and Staff Rescue Drowning Deer

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Four Seasons Crew and Guests Rescue Deer

You come to Maui to relax in what is considered by many to be THE crown jewel in the Four Seasons worldwide family of luxury resorts – the pure epitome of luxury lifestyles. Yet for some guests, they can proudly go home with quite an interesting tale of adventure and good samaritan-ism. Guests assisted the crew of Four Seasons Maui in the rescue of a drowning axis deer off the waters of Wailea Beach.

After a creative rescue effort (after all, lifeguards are not trained to rescue large, wild animals), the deer was let go in the woods, from which it sprinted and looked back to onlookers, as a ‘thank you’, if you will. The Maui axis deer population has grown substantially in recent years, with the County taking severe actions to deter its growth.

Wailea is known to have some of the best luxury resorts in the world, with the Four Seasons, Grand Wailea, and soon, the ultra-luxurious Andaz Wailea (opening Summer 2013).