A Glimpse of Life in Wailea

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Although scenic photos of Hawaii are  ‘nice’ to see, it doesn’t truly depict life is like, specially in luxury areas such as Wailea. Having moved out here from the East Coast several years ago, my perspective is that of an incomer who has learned to truly embrace what Maui has to offer.

What can Maui offer that a metropolis like New York City can’t? For me, it’s quite simple: The perfect place to raise a family. A few weeks ago I took my son on a whale watching tour sponsored by his school, out of Maalaea. I’ve been to many zoos – including the Bronx Zoo (not referring to Yankee Stadium) and the world-famous San Diego Zoo -  but  to see wild animals in their element is incredible. Of course, whales aren’t enough. What really draws me in is the lifestyle – life is just simpler, more laid back, with a deep sense of community. It reminds me of my childhood in Central America, where material things were almost insignificant  and the true spirit of living comes from time spent with friends and family.

Living a block from the top-rated Keawakapu Beach, we often go there to take in sunsets, build sand castles, and so my son can grow up around the water. A few nights ago we went to see the sunset, my son build sand castles, jumped in the water, while we could see a few dolphins playing off maybe 50-70 feet from the beach. He’s a normal kid, loves ice cream, pizza, and spends most of his time playing outside, looking for bugs. The memories he is building are priceless and so is his future. Now we have an addition to the family, a 6 month old baby girl, and we can’t wait for her to grow up being a Maui girl. Could I be happy elsewhere? Sure, I was happy while living on/off in Baghdad for 4+ years in the midst of ongoing civil war, reconstruction period (being shot at more times than I could remember or count). But in Maui, we’ve found our forever home.